Updates 2018/05/25

A lot of work went into the 3-way data module, as well as proper support for polygons in the image annotation framework. The audio module also got a bit of love.

Furthermore, some user interfaces got switched from multi-tab to multi-page ones, freeing up vertical screen real estate (most people of have wides-screen monitors!).


  • External actors that use a file monitor can once again use variables in the file name for the external flow.
  • The flow panel and flow tree now get focused better, to enable a smoother keyboard interaction.
  • adams-imaging: The ImageAnnotator now uses a scrollpane to display more buttons than fit on screen.
  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: the MultiSearch meta-classifier now allows you to select the search algorithm for the parameter space.


  • CsvSpreadSheetWriter now allows an empty quote character, which will suppress any quoting.
  • Switched the following applications from multi-tab interface to a multi-page one in order to manage more tabs/pages at the same time without decreasing the vertical screen real estate (these pages can be detached/reattached):
    • Flow editor
    • adams-imaging: Image processor
    • adams-heatmap: Heatmap viewer
    • adams-spreadsheet: Spreadsheet file viewer


  • The implicit variable flow_filename_restore contains a file name based on the full file name of the flow, but with the .props extension. To be used for interactive actors like EnterManyValues to restore the entered values.
  • Added Favorite actor (here, after, beneath) keyboard actions (Ctrl+E, Ctrl+Alt+E, Ctrl+Shift+E).
  • adams-spectral-2dim-core: added meta spectrum reader that reads spectra from zip files: ZippedSpectrumReader.
  • adams-spectral-3way-core:
    • added heatmap viewer for 3-day data, like 3D fluorescent spectra (EEM)
    • added experimental support for building and applying the multi-way algorithms available from: https://github.com/waikato-datamining/multiway-algorithms
    • added lots of conversion to and fro tensors, 3-way data and spreadsheets
  • adams-audio:
    • With the AudioRecorder source it is possible to record audio from a microphone.
    • The WaveToAmplitudes conversion extracts amplitudes from Wave object, absolute or normalized
    • Added Resample wave filter for using different sample rate.
    • Added Cut wave filter for cutting out a portion of a wave.
    • Added sink for playing back audio files: AudioPlayback
  • adams-compress: added support for xz compression via Xz/UnXz transformers and XzTextFileReader.
  • adams-imaging:
    • Added the Grayscale buffered image transformer with customizable lumiance parameters via a class hierarchy (supporting BT 601, 709 and 2020).
    • The Rotate object filter rotates objects by the specified angle.
    • ViaAnnotations transformer generates annotations for VIA (VGG Image Annotator - http://www.robots.ox.ac.uk/~vgg/software/via/)
    • Added support for polygon annotations via the PolygonPainter (default is RectanglePainter).