Updates 2021/04/12

More work was done on the adams-matlab module and on image annotation support.


  • The SelectArraySubset transformer now updates its JList correctly when getting subsequently called, not just the first time round.

  • Very long cell values in tables (> 1000 characters) now get excluded from calculating the optimal column width to avoid slow calculation and extremely wide tables.

  • adams-meta: The InactiveStandalone/Source/Transformer/Sink actors now copy the actors provided to the constructors rather than just using the reference.

  • adams-spreadsheet: Formulas in spreadsheets now resolve values of cell references to their native value, not just trying to convert it to double.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts:

    • The WekaAttributeSelection transformer no longer puts the ranked order of attributes back into sorted order.

    • Changing the attribute weights in an Instances table now gets applied to the correct column when displaying the instance weights column.

    • Exporting the output to PDF no longer duplicates the content of text files (due to two exporters available).

    • The Data generator source in the Weka Investigator works again.

    • String and relational values no longer get rendered as HTML as this turned out to be too slow when displaying a table.


  • adams-weka: upgraded multisearch-weka-package to 2021.2.17

  • adams-spreadsheet: deprecated SpreadSheetCommonIDs, SpreadSheetDifference in favor of MultiSpreadSheetOperation

  • adams-timeseries: upgraded timeseriesForecasting Weka package to 1.1.27

  • adams-matlab: the Mat5SpreadSheetReader can now retrieve arrays from struct objects as well

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts:

    • Attribute weights now get displayed in the header row when showing weights.

    • The Revert action in the Weka Investigator now monitors files for changes (last modified timestamp) and gets enabled when either the file on disk got changed or it has been modified in the Investigator itself.

    • The SimpleArffLoader and SimpleArffSaver now allow the user to specify the file encoding.


  • The MapToStorageValues transformer transfers a map object into internal storage.

  • adams-imaging:

    • The ConfusionMatrix plugin for the ImageSegmentationContainerOperation transformer generates a confusion matrix of the annotated pixels versus predicted ones and the CountPixels one simply outputs a spreasdheet with counts per layer (of non-black pixels).

    • The IndexedPNGImageHandler for the Preview browser allows overriding the colors of PNG files that use an indexed color palette, e.g., when output by image segmentation models.

    • The BlueChannelImageHandler (using the new BlueChannelColorizer image transformer under the hood), interprets the values in the blue channel of an image as color indices and applies the colors from the supplied color provider accordingly.

  • adams-spreadsheet: added the MultiSpreadSheetOperation transformer which applies the specified operation to the incoming spreadsheet array (CommonIDs, Sum, Difference, Merge).

  • The HasProperty boolean condition can be used to check whether objects have a certain property name, e.g., when updating object values via the UpdateProperty transformer.

  • adams-matlab:

    • The MatlabStructToMap conversion turns a Matlab struct object into a map (field/array relation).

    • The IsMatlabStruct boolean condition checks whether the token represents a Matlab struct object.

    • The MatlabStructInfo transformer allows outputting information on a Matlab struct object.

    • With the flow adams-matlab-inspect_file.flow you can inspect .mat files interactively.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: The Text directory source in the Weka Investigator allows the loading of directories with plain text documents as datasets.