Updates 2021/12/02

The lead up to the Weka Conference on November 26th (https://events.waikato.ac.nz/events/2021-international-weka-user-conference/) resulted in a lot of minor bug fixes and improvements. I've also started retiring some of the modules that are no longer being used/useful.


  • Fixed issue of the Flow editor locking up (occasionally) when debugging flows; the cause was a race condition of two debugging control panels getting generated, with the incorrect one replacing the other one.

  • Fixed duplicate class cache initialization, resulting in faster start-up time.

  • Position and size of applications launched from main menu now get properly recorded when closing the applications.

  • Reduced startup time of applications that use file choosers, avoiding unnecessary clipboard lookups.

  • adams-imaging:

    • The object annotator now uses the correct zoom when initially displaying the image.

    • Image segmentation annotation no longer has the darkening bug when adding layers.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts:

    • Convert to Date/Nominal/String in the Weka Investigator's Preprocess panel now works with numeric attribute names as well.

    • The SimpleArffSaver and SpreadSheetSaver converters no longer use resetOptions() to initialize their options with default values.

    • The WekaCrossValidationEvaluator now stops execution properly and cleans up without causing NullPointerException.


  • moved discontinued modules into adams-discontinued repo (https://github.com/waikato-datamining/adams-discontinued):

    • adams-cntk

    • adams-cntk-weka

    • adams-image-webservice

    • adams-imaging-imagemagick

    • adams-imaging-opemimaj

    • adams-jooq

    • adams-meka-webservice

    • adams-mongodb

    • adams-weka-nd4j

    • adams-weka-nd4j-lts

    • adams-weka-webservice

  • The GenericObjectEditor now displays the help within the same dialog/frame to avoid help window disappearing behind other windows when opened from a modal dialog/frame. The drop-down button/menu next to the classname now has a Use default menu which reverts the current settings back to the default ones.

  • adams-webservice: upgraded CXF to 3.4.5, xercesimpl to 2.12.1, jaxb to 3.0.2

  • adams-bootstrapp: upgraded bootstrapp to 0.1.11

  • adams-net: upgraded tika-core to 1.27, requests4j to 0.2.2

  • adams-moa: upgraded MOA to 2021.07.0

  • adams-core:

    • upgraded jclasslocator to 0.0.19

    • jfilechooser-bookmarks updated to 0.1.8 for better clipboard handling

    • removed DocBookProducer for generating DocBook XML from setups (not feasible for large flows)

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: The WekaPredictionsToInstances and WekaPredictionsToSpreadSheet transformers now handle attribute names in the test attributes option.

  • adams-redis and adams-rats-redis: switched to the lettuce.io Redis Java client


  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts:

    • The LeaveOneOutByValueGenerator split generator generates pairs using the unique values from a specified attribute, with each unique value being in the test set and the remainder in the training set.

    • The MultiRowProcessor instance filter identifies rows with a row selection scheme and then processes them with a row processing scheme, e.g., for averaging multiple scans of the sample.