Updates 2024/01/10

Happy New Year everyone!

We have moved from Twitter/X to Mastodon: @TheAdamsFlow@mstdn.social.

Mostly bug-fixes and addressing security vulnerabilities since the last update. Also, ADAMS is now more stable under the long-term support versions of OpenJDK 17 and 21.


  • adams-core:

    • The PolygonUtils.boundingBox method now works correctly.

    • The Display sink, when used in conjunction with the Inspect or DisplayPanelManager actors, uses the font specified by the user now.

    • The StorageValuesArray and VariablesArray source actors now properly collect errors occurring when applying the conversion, making it possible in the Flow editor to jump to the actor.

  • adams-imaging:

    • The PolygonPointAnnotator now clears the points afte accepting an annotation.

    • The flow adams-imaging-annotate_objects.flow now supports the following annotation formats: ADAMS .report, OPEX .json

    • The TesseractHelper class now uses --psm instead of -psm for the page segmentation parameter when assembling the command-line arguments.

  • adams-json: The GetJsonValue transformer now accepts JSON arrays again when using a proper JsonPath expression (i.e., one that starts with $).

  • adams-scripts: added necessary --add-exports options to make it work under Java 17 and 21.


  • adams-bootstrapp: bootstrapp upgraded to 0.1.12

  • adams-core:

    • The expressions for boolean, mathematical, report math, string expressions and spreadsheet formulas now support the startswith and endswith string functions.

    • upgraded flatlaf to 3.2.5

    • upgraded jodd-core to 5.1.6

    • removed JULIANDATE/JULIANDATE_LONG DateTimeType due to newer versions of jodd-core no longer supporting it

  • adams-gnuplot: the scriptlets now support quick info output

  • adams-json: gson upgraded to 2.10.1

  • adams-net:

    • tika-core upgraded to 1.28.3 to address CVE-2022-30973.

    • switched from javax.mail:1.5.6 to jakarta.mail:1.6.5

    • ApacheSendMail is now deprecated (broken)

    • upgraded jodd-mail to 5.1.6

  • adams-opencv: javacv upgraded to 1.5.9

  • adams-rsync: rsync4j upgraded to 3.2.7-5

  • adams-pdf: The Headline PDF proclet now expands variables in the headline automatically.


  • adams-core: added the GetListElement transformer for obtaining a specific element from a list.

  • adams-imaging-ext: added the flow adams-imaging-ext_run-sam-hq.flow which allows using SAM-HQ (https://github.com/SysCV/sam-hq) via Redis for annotating images.