Updates 2024/01/25

After the release a couple of weeks ago, I spent a considerable amount of time upgrading as many dependencies as possible to address known security vulnerabilities.

Another major change is the switch to version 8.x of the MySQL JDBC driver by default (you may need to add ?sessionVariables=sql_mode='ALLOW_INVALID_DATES' to your connection string).

Last, but not least, I've upgraded a range of actors to (optionally) make use of the new JobRunnerInstance standalone actor which can be used for better managing resources (cores/memory) when running heavily parallelized flows that, e.g., train classifiers or filter data. Going through this bottleneck, it is easier to avoid starving the system of resources by limiting the number of jobs that can run in parallel.


  • adams-core:

    • The BaseColorTextField now updates the button's color correctly under the cross-platform and FlatLaf look'n'feels.

  • adams-imaging:

    • The EvaluatePrediction image segmentation operation now skips the percentage calculation when the total number of annotated pixels for a layer is 0.


  • general

    • upgraded postgresql to 42.7.1

    • upgraded xercesimpl to 2.12.2

    • upgraded requests4j to 0.2.5

  • adams-access: upgraded jackcess to 4.0.5

  • adams-bootstrapp: upgraded bootstrapp to 0.1.13

  • adams-compress:

    • upgraded compress-lzf to 1.1.2

    • upgraded zip4j to 2.11.5

    • upgraded junrar to 7.5.5

    • upgraded zstd-jni to 1.5.5-11

  • adams-core:

    • The ExecutionLog flow execution listener now has the ability to specify what stages to log. Also outputs to stdout now if the log file is pointing to directory.

    • The new JobRunnerSupporter interface is for actors that can execute the resource-intense workload via a JobRunnerInstance standalone within their scope. Requires a JobRunnerSetup standalone further up in the flow, defining how to execute the jobs.

    • switched MySQL JDBC driver from 5.1.49 to 8.0.33

    • upgraded FlatLaf look'n'feel to 3.3

  • adams-groovy: upgraded groovy-all to 3.0.20

  • adams-html:

    • upgraded jetty-server/-http to 9.4.51.v20230217

    • upgraded nekohtml to 1.9.22

  • adams-imaging:

    • using commons-codec 1.16.0 (and excluding dependency from lire)

    • upgraded zxing to 3.5.1

    • upgraded jts-core to 1.19.0

  • adams-imaging-boofcv:

    • upgraded boofcv to 1.1.2

    • removed the HistogramBasedIntensityAdjustmentGray8 transformer

  • adams-json:

    • upgraded json-path to 2.8.0

    • upgraded json-smart to 2.5

  • adams-math: jsci now uses xercesimpl 2.12.2 (globally defined)

  • adams-matlab: upgraded mfl-core to 0.5.15

  • adams-net:

    • upgraded jsch to 0.2.16

    • upgraded tika-core to 1.28.5

  • adams-pdf:

    • upgraded pdfbox to 2.0.30

    • upgraded icepdf-core/-viewer to 7.1.3

  • adams-pyro4: upgraded pyrolite to 4.30

  • adams-redis: upgraded lettuce-core to 6.3.1.RELEASE

  • adams-rest: jaxws-rt now excludes woodstox-core dependency, instead of using 6.5.1 directly

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • added sortOnSampleID as option to the spectrum conditions.

    • The following actors now implement the JobRunnerSupporter interface: Cleaner, Evaluator.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • upgraded jfreechart to 1.5.4, added jcommon 1.0.24

    • The SpreadSheetFilter transformer now implements JobRunnerSupporter.

  • adams-timeseries: excluding commons-codec from timeseriesForecasting dependency, using 1.16.0 instead

  • adams-video: upgraded screencast4j to 0.1.5

  • adams-webservice:

    • upgraded cxf to 3.6.2

    • upgraded xjc to 3.3.2

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: The following actors now implement the JobRunnerSupporter interface: WekaFilter, WekaTrainAssociator, WekaTrainClassifier, WekaTrainClusterer, WekaTestSetEvaluator, WekaTrainTestSetEvaluator.

  • adams-yaml: upgraded snakeyaml to 2.2


  • adams-core: The standalone JobRunnerInstance allows limiting resource intense jobs, like model training and filtering data, via a bottleneck within the actors' scope. That way heavily multi-threaded flows (e.g., nested Branch actors) won't starve the system of resources, such as CPU cores and memory. Actors implementing the JobRunnerSupporter interface can make use of that feature.

Retired modules

  • adams-db-mysql8: removed as now superceded by 8.x dependency in adams-core module