Updates 2024/06/13

A lot of library upgrades happened again. Most notably are the introduction of quick actions in the Flow editor that can be invoked via SHIFT+right-click or SHIFT+F10. These are actor-specific actions like changing the variable name/value of a SetVariable actor or editing the boolean condition of an actor. These quick actions avoid having to go through the full-blown GenericObjectEditor dialog, saving a few mouse clicks. The ArrayProcessor received experimental parallel execution support. Items added to queues can have a delay in msec added to them, making them available at the other only once the delay has passed.


  • adams-core:

    • The Percentage generator for the ArraySubsetGenerator transformer now works as expected; added ability to oversample as well.

    • The SQL.tableExists method now works correctly with the newer MySQL JDBC driver (limiting DB meta-data to a particular database does not seem to work anymore, as it iterates over ALL databases).

    • Fixed the exception that occurred when selecting "Use default" from the popup menu in the GOE for an array property.

  • adams-docker: The management interfaces for Docker containers and images now gather the output from all commands rather than just the last one.

  • adams-imaging: The barcode encoders now use the correct x/y position (was off by 1).

  • adams-ml: The ConfusionMatrix transformer, when generating sums to calculate percentages, no longer throws an error when probabilities instead of counts are taken into account (ie a probability column was specified).


  • adams-core:

    • removed JVisualVM menu item from Help menu (user-mode: developer/debug) as it is no longer bundled with JDKs

    • added "ADAMS home directory" menu item (user-mode: developer/debug)

    • upgraded sizeofag to 1.1.0

    • The HashSet source now allows customizing the column name of the generated spreadsheet

    • upgraded commons-compress to 1.26.0

    • upgraded commons-io to 2.15.1

    • upgraded commons-codec to 1.16.1

    • upgraded processoutput4j to 0.0.12

    • GetReportValue can apply a conversion to the obtained report value now before forwarding it

    • The Flow editor now offers actor-specific quick actions via the SHIFT+right-click popup menu on a selected actor, e.g., renaming a variable name or changing the variable value. Using SHIFT+F10. this menu can be displayed directly via keyboard.

    • Reworked the notes support for files in the Preview browser, associating notes now with directory and file, allowing the user to edit the notes.

    • The Preview browser now has a Send to sub-menu in the popup menu for the local files as well, not just from the main menu.

    • CallableX actors no longer call the wrapUp()/cleanUp() methods of their referenced actor, as this should happen already.

    • Added experimental parallel execution support to the ArrayProcess control actor.

    • Added support for delayed queues, i.e., possible retrieval of queue items can be delayed by a certain delta of msecs. The retrieval delay gets defined in the EnQueue sink.

  • adams-compress: added commons-codec depdendency

  • adams-db:

    • upgraded hdsqldb to 2.7.2

    • upgraded sqlite-jdbc to

    • upgraded mssql-jdbc to 12.4.2.jre11

  • adams-docker: The management interfaces for Docker containers and images allow pruning now as well.

  • adams-imaging:

    • The YoloAnnotationsReportReader now has the -use-polygon-format option to enforce reading the data in polygon format rather than auto-detecting it.

    • The image segmentation panel now has the following buttons for controlling the visibility of layers: All, None, Invert

    • The object annotations panel now has a button for toggling the visibility of the annotations.

  • adams-json: upgraded json-path to 2.9.0

  • adams-maps: upgraded postgis-jdbc to 2023.1.0

  • adams-nlp:

    • upgraded jsoup to 1.17.2

    • The EditDistance transformer can process string arrays of length 2 now as well rather than having to set the base string via a variable.

  • adams-opencv: upgraded javacv to 1.5.10

  • adams-rats-core: The EnQueue rat output now supports delayed queues with its retrieval delay option.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • GetSampleDataValue can apply a conversion to the obtained report value now before forwarding it

    • The SpectrumDisplay sink can accept arrays of spectra now, to speed up display of data

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: The attribute summary panel used in the Preprocess tab of the

    Investigator (displaying histogram/bar chart) now allows the user to customize the colors. The default color provider can be customized via the Preprocess.AttributeSummaryColorProvider property in the WekaInvestigatorSession.props config file or the Preferences dialog.

  • adams-weka-lts: upgraded Weka to 3.9.0-fork-0.0.14 (updated package manager classes)


  • adams-core:

    • added the SimplePercentage generator for the ArraySubsetGeneration transformer.

    • added the Copy file to... action to the files list in the Preview browser.

  • adams-imaging: added the EncodeBarcode transformer that turns a string payload into the specified barcode, e.g., QR code.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts:

    • The RemoveWithLabels filter allows removing instances with labels that match a regular expression.

    • The AlignDataset filter aligns the dataset being filtered with an external dataset, e.g., making train/test sets compatible.

    • In the GenericObjectEditor, it is now possible to enclose clusterers in SingleClustererEnhancers, just like with classifiers. In addition, the opposite operation "pull up" has been added as well.