Class Rats

    • Field Detail

      • m_PanelRats

        protected com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.Panel m_PanelRats
        the panel with rats.
      • m_ButtonRefreshRats

        protected com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.Button m_ButtonRefreshRats
        the button for updating the rats states.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Rats

        public Rats()
        Initializes the action with no owner.
      • Rats

        public Rats​(adams.terminal.application.AbstractTerminalApplication owner)
        Initializes the action.
        owner - the owning application
    • Method Detail

      • focusRefreshRatsButton

        public void focusRefreshRatsButton()
        Gives the m_ButtonRefreshRats button the focus.
      • refreshRats

        public void refreshRats()
        Sends command to retrieve rats status.
      • clearStatus

        protected void clearStatus()
        Clears the rat status panel.
      • updateRats

        protected void updateRats​( status)
        Updates the rat status panel.
        status - the current status