Package adams.core

Class TechnicalInformation

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public TechnicalInformation.Type getType()
        returns the type of this technical information.
        the type of this information
      • getAuthors

        protected String[] getAuthors()
        splits the authors on the " and " and returns a vector with the names.
        the authors in an array
      • generateID

        protected String generateID()
        Generates an ID based on the current settings and returns it. If nothing can be generated the MISSING_ID string will be returned
        the ID
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      • getID

        public String getID()
        returns the unique ID (either the one used in creating this instance or the automatically generated one).
        the ID for this information
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(TechnicalInformation.Field field,
                             String value)
        sets the value for the given field, overwrites any previously existing one.
        field - the field to set the value for
        value - the value of the field
      • getValue

        public String getValue​(TechnicalInformation.Field field)
        returns the value associated with the given field, or empty if field is not currently stored.
        field - the field to retrieve the value for
        the value associated with this field, empty if not existing
      • exists

        public boolean exists​(TechnicalInformation.Field field)
        returns TRUE if the field is stored and has a value different from the empty string.
        field - the field to check
        true if a value is stored for the field and non-empty
      • hasAdditional

        public boolean hasAdditional()
        returns true if there are further technical informations stored in this.
        true if there are further technical informations available
      • additional

        public Iterator<TechnicalInformation> additional()
        returns an enumeration of all the additional technical informations (if there are any).
        an enumeration over all additional technical informations
      • add

        public void add​(TechnicalInformation value)
        adds the given information to the list of additional technical informations.
        value - the information to add
      • add

        public TechnicalInformation add​(TechnicalInformation.Type type)
        Adds an empty technical information with the given type to the list of additional informations and returns the instance.
        type - the type of the new information to add
        the generated information
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a plain-text string representing this technical information. Note: it only returns a string based on some fields. At least AUTHOR, YEAR and TITLE are necessary.
        toString in class Object
        a string representation of this information
      • toBibTex

        public String toBibTex()
        Returns a BibTex string representing this technical information. Note: this is just a very raw implementation, special characters need to be escaped manually for LaTeX.
        the BibTeX representation of this information