Class BaseWindow

    • Field Detail

      • m_Logger

        protected Logger m_Logger
        the logger.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseWindow

        public BaseWindow()
        Initializes the frame with no title.
      • BaseWindow

        public BaseWindow​(GraphicsConfiguration gc)
        Initializes the frame with no title.
        gc - the configuration to use
    • Method Detail

      • performInitialization

        protected void performInitialization()
        Contains all the initialization steps to perform.
      • initialize

        protected void initialize()
        For initializing members.
      • initGUI

        protected void initGUI()
        For initializing the GUI.
      • finishInit

        protected void finishInit()
        finishes the initialization, by setting size/location.
      • initializeLogger

        protected void initializeLogger()
        Initializes the logger.

        Default implementation uses the class name.
      • getLogger

        public Logger getLogger()
        Returns the logger in use.
        the logger
      • isLoggingEnabled

        public boolean isLoggingEnabled()
        Returns whether logging is enabled.
        true if not Level.OFF
      • beforeShow

        protected void beforeShow()
        Hook method just before the dialog is made visible.
      • afterShow

        protected void afterShow()
        Hook method just after the dialog was made visible.
      • beforeHide

        protected void beforeHide()
        Hook method just before the dialog is hidden.
      • afterHide

        protected void afterHide()
        Hook method just after the dialog was hidden.
      • setVisible

        public void setVisible​(boolean value)
        closes/shows the dialog.
        setVisible in class Window
        value - if true then display the dialog, otherwise close it
      • forName

        public static BaseWindow forName​(String classname)
        Instantiates the frame.
        classname - the classname of the frame to instantiate
        the instantiated frame or null if an error occurred
      • runWindow

        public static void runWindow​(Class env,
                                     Class app)
        Runs the window from the commandline.
        env - the environment class to use
        app - the window class