Class AbstractFromTemplateAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractFromTemplateAction

        public AbstractFromTemplateAction()
    • Method Detail

      • suggestActorTemplates

        protected AbstractActorTemplate[] suggestActorTemplates​(TreePath path,
                                                                TreeOperations.InsertPosition position)
        Tries to figure what actor templates fit best in the tree at the given position.
        path - the path where to insert the actor templates
        position - how the actor templates are to be inserted
        the actor templates
      • addFromTemplate

        protected void addFromTemplate​(TreePath path,
                                       AbstractActorTemplate template,
                                       TreeOperations.InsertPosition position)
        Brings up the GOE dialog for adding a template.
        path - the path to the actor to add the new template sibling
        template - the template to use as default in dialog, use null to use suggestion
        position - where to insert the template