update 30/4

It's time for a round-up of all the changes that have happened...


  • the ORDER BY clause of the SpreadSheetQuery transformer got applied to the input spreadsheet rather than final one, screwing up the WHERE clause

  • the abstract class AbstractProcessWekaInstanceWithModel did not clear the internal model when its options got changed; affected transformers: MekaClassifying, Weka/MOAClassifying/Clustering


  • SpreadSheetTable now uses plugin architecture for processing/plotting cols/rows/cells in its popup menus

  • Min/Max heatmap feature generators can output the position now as well

  • spreadsheet plot generators can generate plot name now also based on range of cell values

  • Excel and ODF spreadsheet readers now support "no" or "custom" headers

  • ForLoop source can output integers now as array as well

  • the message of the Stop control actor can contain variables now as well


  • added NewHeatmap source to adams-heatmap

  • added HeatmapGetValue/HeatmapSetValue transformers to adams-heatmap

  • added VotedImbalance meta-classifier to adams-weka classifier generates X number of resampled datasets from input data, limiting size to smallest class, building base-classifier on them and then uses Vote meta-classifier for making predictions

  • added PromptUser boolean flow condition, asking user whether to execute conditional actor or not

  • added "Append datasets" and "Merge datasets" to the main menu of the adams-weka modulel; uses wizards to guide the user for combining datasets

  • added specialized pages to the wizard: SelectFilePage, SelectMultipleFilesPage, WekaSelectDatasetPage, WekaSelectMultipleDatasetsPage

  • added new (optional) Look'n'Feel: PgsLookAndFeel, which can be activated in the GUIHelper.props file

  • new source for outputting integers: IntegerRange uses a range string and a maximum to generate these integers (eg "3-5,7,12,18-last")