round-up of changes

It's that time of the week again: an overview of what's happened since the last update...


  • new BufferedImage feature generators Min and Dimensions in the adams-imaging module

  • new TextAreaPage wizard component

  • new "Mark location" plugin for Image viewer, allows you to highlight x/y positions in an image

  • it is now possible to retrieve the setup of a flow that is running on a remote server. You attach the RemoteFlowListener to the remote flow before executing it and the use the new "Open remote flow" menu in the flow editor on your local machine to retrieve the setup (you may have to remove your FlowEditor.props file in the $HOME/.adams or %USERPROFILE%_adams directory to make this menu item show up)


  • added distributionsForInstances method to FilteredClassifierExt meta-classifier

  • DumpFile sink should no longer leave lock files on Windows (writer.close() got moved into a finally{} clause)

  • SpreadSheetDbReader now forces cells to be strings for string types loaded from database

  • Image viewer "Barcode" plugin no longer requires an unmodified to be loaded

  • the output buffer for predictions didn't get reset properly when evaluating multiple datasets, simply appended results affected: WekaCrossValidationEvaluator, WekaStreamEvaluator, WekaTestSetEvaluator, WekaTrainTestSetEvaluator


  • the JAI histogram feature generator received the option "numBins" that allows you to generate less than the default 256 bins

  • RelativeCrop now allows to use the x/y location as the anchor point as well, placing the crop rectangle relative to this location

Have a good weekend!