Updates 2016/06/17

Many little fixes and improvements again. The PDF generation got overhauled to make it easier generating PDFs from files.


  • adams-weka: The Weka Instance Explorer now correctly shows the options dialog of the loader (modal issue).

  • adams-spreadsheet: The Spreadsheet Explorer now correctly shows the options dialog of the reader (modal issue).

  • The Help -> Memory visualization works again.

  • The default flow format now uses the user-specified encoding now correctly.

  • adams-spectral-core: filtering the spectral table in the Spectrum Explorer now uses the correct colors in the reduced view.


  • adams-pdf:

    • Upgraded PDFBox dependency to 2.0.1

    • PDFExtractImages transformer now outputs BufferedImageContainer objects instead of just BufferedImage objects.

    • PDF proclets (used by PDFCreate transformer) now can use a regular expression on the filename to further limit the matching (not just the file extension).

    • The following PDF proclets now offer absolute positioning: Image, PlainText, SpreadSheet.

  • Scripting (general/Groovy/Jython): pushed initialization of scripts from setUp() into preExecute() method to allow use of variables.

  • The Swap operation in the Flow editor now transfers variables as well.

  • adams-weka: upgraded multisearch package to 2016.6.6.

  • FileUtils.loadFromFile now removes byte order marks (BOMs) from UTF-16/UTF-32 encoded files.

  • The Flow editor now keeps track of flow reader/writer setups and stores the flow reader setups in "recent files" now as well. This now allows a simple save action for different file encodings instead of requiring a save as action.

  • The OptionUtils.shallowCopy method (when expand=false) now transfers the Variables instance and ensures that current variable values are set. Useful when creating instances inside actors (or further nested classes) that have variables attached.

  • adams-spectral-core: the Evaluator transformer now can obtain the actual evaluator from a callable actor as well, not just from a file with the serialized setup.

  • adams-twitter: upgraded twitter4j library to 4.0.4. I noted that they newer version of the library may not be as stable as the old one. However, there were other problems with the old version. You win some, you lose some.

  • adams-excel: upgraded Apache POI to 3.14.


  • It is now possible to print the content of a flow's notification area as well, not just copy to clipboard or save it.

  • adams-pdf:

    • Added PDFRenderPages transformer, which renders pages from a PDF as images.

    • added PDF proclets (used by PDFCreate transformer): Circle, Line, NewPage, Rectangle

    • Using PDFNewDocument, PDFAppendDocument and PDFCloseDocument it is now possible to use the PDF proclets in a more targeted fashion, as PDFAppendDocument allows to specify a specific file.

    • Added PDFInfo transformer for outputting information on PDF files.

  • adams-spectral-core:

    • added reader/writer for ASCII XY data format (wavenumber <SEP> amplitude).

    • added more instance evaluators: CrossValidatedNeighborHood, DistanceToClosest, DistanceToCenter, SavitzkyGolayRange

  • actors for handling java.util.Map objects: NewMap, GetMapValue, SetMapValue

  • boolean condition for dealing with java.util.Map objects: HasMapValue

  • adams-spreadsheet: conversions for converting to and fro java.util.Map objects: MapToSpreadSheet, SpreadSheetToMap

Note for developers

If you want to have the fastest possible build, use the following command-line (does not generate any PDF manuals, skips the unit tests and does not generate license files):

mvn clean install -DskipTests=true -Dlicense.skipAddThirdParty=true -Dlatex.dummyBuild=true