As always, there have been a number of changes again.


  • adams-imaging can generate UPC-A barcodes now

  • adams-timeseries now has FixedTimestampPaintlet, FixedTimestampRangePaintlet paintlets and TimeseriesShiftTimestamp filter


  • upgraded Groovy to 2.4.0, to bring it in line with Weka packages

  • prefixed timeseries filters, baseline correction, outlier detectors, smoothers with "Timeseries" to avoid potential name clashes

  • added support for "flow" aware paintlets: TextOverlayPaintlet and MultiPaintlet -> affected: Canvas, SimplePlot, SequencePlot

  • TimedTee/TimedTrigger/TimedSubProcess control actors now forward a TimingContainer object instead of just the milli-second value (contains prefix and original as well)

  • SpreadSheetAggregate/Query transformers now support "RANGE" function, which is just a shortcut for MAX-MIN


  • "Scripted" feature generators now work with Groovy (Groovy didn't like generics in return value of method)

  • code review for fixing potential locked files on Windows (explicitly closing FileInputStream/FileOutputStream)