Updates 2018/09/16

It has been a while, I know. Been visiting clients and preparing to go live with some large ADAMS-based systems. On the data transformation side of things, there are a few more PLS variants available. For image processing, there is now better support for VIA/VGG annotations and data available. The experimental CNTK Java integration has been removed, too hard to maintain as it is tied to a specific CNTK version.


  • The Flow editor no longer saves expanded external flows.


  • The Copy (plain text) operation in the Flow editor tree popup menu now uses the compact format as well.
  • The Flow control actor now allows to specify a restart manager. This allows the monitoring of flow(s)/setup file(s) by a flow that runs as a background service (daemon or Windows service), triggering its restart.
  • Added a GOE editor for the BaseInterval class.
  • adams-rsync: updated the rsync4j library to 3.1.12-12
  • adams-weka: upgraded multisearch library to 2018.8.16
  • adams-weka and adams-lts:
    • upgraded matrix-algorithms to 0.0.11
    • the filter PartitionedMultiFilter2 now allows specification of prefixes for the filters rather than just using 'filtered'
  • adams-imaging:
    • MergeObjectLocations can now just merge all locations when using minOverlapRatio=0.0 and overlapAction=KEEP
    • ViaAnnotations transformer has been removed.
  • adams-cntk: removed the experimental CNTK Java bindings, as they too hard to maintain and strictly limited to a specific release of CNTK.
  • adams-cntk-weka and adams-cntk-weka-lts: removed any code that relied on the experimental CNTK Java bindings.


  • Added menu item Copy actor path to the Flow editor's popup menu.
  • Added class hierarchy for conversions that swap out objects and concrete SwapObjects implementation for replacing one object with another, using their command-lines.
  • adams-meta:
    • added actor wrappers for auto-generated actors, which can get removed using the RemoveAutogeneratedActors processor: AutogeneratedStandalone, AutogeneratedSource, AutogeneratedTransformer, AutogeneratedSink
    • added actor wrappers for inactive actors (actors that don't get executed, but kept for reference), which can get activated again using the ReactivateActors processor: InactiveStandalone, InactiveSource, InactiveTransformer, InactiveSink
  • adams-net:
    • added MarkdownToHTML conversion for converting Markdown string into HTML string
  • adams-weka and adams-lts:
    • added more PLS algorithms: DIPLS, PRM, VCPLS
    • added SwapPLS conversion for replacing PLS algorithm (with optional migration of number of components)
  • adams-imaging:
  • adams-spectral-2dim-core: added the RowWiseSpreadSheetSampleDataReader sample data reader.