Updates 2019/03/15

Fixed a bunch of little bugs and also worked on many minor improvements in the user interface.

A new Weka classifier got added: XGBoost, though currently only available for Linux/Mac.

The database backend within ADAMS has been further abstracted and now allows mirroring (ie replicating the queries on another server). Useful when trying to use a backup database server.


  • Pasting of actors no longer generates long name suffixes consisting of (x) (y) (z) ...

  • EnterManyValues: date types now get inserted with their string representation into a map.

  • Histoy lists, like used in the Weka Investigator, now prompt the user when selecting Remove all from the popup menu, whether they really want to remove X entries.

  • The generates() method of the StringConstants source now outputs the class that the selected conversion generates (proper compatibility check).

  • The Close/cleanup and Remove graphical output actions in the Flow editor now close any Debug views as well.

  • Row plots in spreadsheet tables (eg Spreadsheet file viewer) no longer sub-sample points if the same number of points was selected.

  • Fixed incorrect path handling when placeholders present: Command, Exec, Java, SimpleStringReplace, StringInsert, StringReplace.

  • Command source now launches the commands again.

  • adams-python: fixed incorrect path handling when placeholders present: PipExec, PythonExec, PythonVenvExec.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • fixed incorrect path handling when placeholders present: SpreadSheetInsertColumn, SpreadSheetInsertRow, SpreadSheetReplaceCellValue.

    • entering multiple values through the GenericArrayEditor now works again in the Spreadsheet file viewer (Java decided to place the dialog behind all other windows).

  • adams-rats: fixed incorrect path handling when placeholders present: Exec (rat input and output).

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: Row plots in instances tables (eg Weka Investigator) no longer sub-sample points if the same number of points was selected.


  • Changed the Compare actors menu item in the Flow editor's tree popup menu into a sub-menu with Just actors (original functionality) and Sub-flows (additional) as menu items.

  • Added support for unordered ranges: adams.core.UnorderedRange

  • External actor files are now being monitored and reloaded/reexpanded if necessary through the GenericObjectEditor.

  • The ArrayProcess control actor now has an optional variable for storing the index of the current element being processed (1-based index).

  • Added FILE_FORWARD_SLASHES variable type, which generates a filename with forward slashes. Affects transformers/standalones: SetVariable, SetManyVariables.

  • The Switch control now has a lenient option, which drops the requirement of the token having a payload (eg the Start source generates a null token, simply to kick off things).

  • Removed module adams-phmm4weka.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • Added support for unordered ranges: adams.data.spreadsheet.SpreadSheetUnorderedColumnRange

    • The SpreadSheetReorderColumns transformer now uses SpreadSheetUnorderedColumnRange for its order option.

    • The SpreadSheetJoinColumns conversion now uses SpreadSheetUnorderedColumnRange for its columns option, allowing for out-of-order joins.

    • Disabled Spreadsheet Explorer in the menu for the time being.

    • Added support for overlaying a diagonal in the scatter plot (via a second data series): enable addDiagonalSeries in the DefaultXY dataset. Affects JFreeChartPlot and JFreeChartFileWriter.

    • Added History button to the Query tab.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts:

    • Added support for unordered attribute ranges: adams.data.weka.WekaUnorderedAttributeRange

    • The Weka Investigator now allows moving its tabs (like Preprocessing and Classify) via the Move tab to submenu in the tab's popup menu.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • added ability to Update Sample data dialog to work off sample IDs obtained from a spreadsheet.

    • SpectrumT and SampleDataT are no longer directly accessed, but through facades, which allows swapping out of backend (e.g., introduce mirroring).

  • adams-rats:

    • The RatControl actor now has a Console button in the user interface, which allows the display of the last X lines that occurred in the console.

    • The type of log object generated from errors and sent to the log actor (if available) is now defined via the AbstractLogObjectGenerator class hierarchy.

  • adams-cntk-weka and adams-cntk-weka-lts: moved CNTKPyroProxy classifier from into new module adams-python-weka(-lts) and renamed it to PyroProxy, as it is framework-agnostic.

  • adams-pdf: The PDF Viewer switched from multi-tab layout to multi-page.


  • Added the DeleteVariable and DeleteStorageValue standalones.

  • Added the Configure option handler tool (developer mode) that allows configuring any option handler.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: i

    • added the GraphSource serialized object preview handler for weka.core.Drawable objects, which outputs the graph source code (dot or XML BIF).

    • added the GraphSource output for the Investigator's Classify/Cluster tabs, which outputs the graph source (dot or XML BIF) for weka.core.Drawable classifiers/clusterers.

    • added WekaDatasetsMerge transformer, an alternative to WekaInstancesMerge for merging multiple Weka Instances objects into one (side-by-side). This transformer can be selected in the Weka Investigator now as well for merging datasets (Preprocess panel, data table actions).

    • The XGBoost classifier got added (using https://github.com/dmlc/xgboost) - currently only for Linux/Mac.

    • The Weka Multi-Experimenter now has a table-based results panel as well.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • added List Sample data dialog which lists all sample data for the selected spectra in a single table.

    • added Delete Sample data dialog which allows removal of specified sample data values from the selected spectra.

    • no longer storing Dummy report flag in sample data table.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • spreadsheet tables now allow sorting on multiple columns using via the Sort... menu item of the table's popup menu.

    • added query panel for meta-data to the SQL Workbench tool